Monday, 15 June 2009

Carrie Ackroyd

Carrie Ackroyd will be talking about her work to The Friends of the Hatton Gallery on Tuesday 16th June at 6.30 in the Hatton Gallery.

"The FOTH’s next talk will attract those interested in watercolour, prints, linocut, engraving, book-illustration, ecology and the preservation of the landscape. It is by Carry Akroyd, painter, printmaker, illustrator, resident of rural East Northamptonshire and member of the Society of Wildlife Artists."

"Those familiar with John Clare’s poetry will know her illustrations of The Shepherd’s Calendar (2006) and The Wood is Sweet (2005). Or if you have seen The Great Fen (2006), you will have found her paintings which derive from and represent, but do not slavishly depict, the natural world. Like Clare, whom she greatly admires, she wishes to depict and deplore the changes in the landscape while recognizing both the beauty and the necessity of change. You might have seen her latest exhibition at the Byard Gallery in Cambridge. In any case you can get a preview of her work at"

Illustration is "Blackbird" from John Clare The Wood is Sweet

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