Saturday, 13 June 2009

Cutting Edge

Those of you missed the Society of Wood Engravers exhibition at Northern Print in Newcastle have one more chance to see the show at Art Jericho in Oxford from 27th May to 27th June.

Click here to see details on the Art Jericho website.

Click here for the Society of Wood Engravers website.

"This is the 71st annual exhibition, and the 25th since the re-founding of the SWE.

A wide range of original prints in limited editions is on show, in which ancient techniques are deployed by modern artists, to create beautiful images - some dramatic, some witty, all stylish. Some of the foremost practitioners are currently exhibiting"

The show is previewed by the Oxford Times here.

Art Jericho have a number of prints by Thomas Bewick listed for sale.
"the 5 engravings at Art Jericho were printed (with considerable difficulties!) from his blocks by the Charlotte Press in 1970."
Click here for the gallery details.

Illustrated is Red Kite by Ian Stephens.

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