Friday, 5 June 2009

New City Library

Two dates for the diary:

The New City Library opens its doors with a grand opening on Sunday 7 June at 11am.
You can read about the planned events and the new building here.

The new facilities include Bewick Hall:
"On the Princess Square level we have a superb new cafĂ© run by Stewart and Co. from Jesmond (with additional outdoor seating on the redeveloped Princess Square), express email facilities, meeting rooms and the Bewick Hall – a performance space that can seat up to 185 people. There will also be superb display and exhibition facilities."

Hidden treasures from the library will go on display on Sunday, 21 June. Included will be items from the Bewick Collection amassed by John William Pease.

"Visitors to Newcastle’s new City Library will soon get the opportunity to see some of the city’s hidden treasures when they will be displayed for the first time to the public.
The treasures are part of the Newcastle Collection and include samples of work and artefacts from historical names like Thomas Bewick, Richard Collinson and the Crawhall family.
Pieces including Thomas Bewick’s work table, tools and blocks will be on view in a special climate controlled viewing room on the library’s Level 6

Click here for more information: Hidden Treasures to be Displayed at Library.
You can find information on the Pease Bequest and other collections at

There's a short video showing the printing of a Bewick block included on their updated site.
Click here to watch the video: A Wood Block in Use

You can also play Bewick Spot the Difference.

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