Friday, 31 July 2009

New Course

The Natural History Society of Northumbria has announced the launch of a series of exciting courses for natural history (including geology) enthusiasts.

* Led by recognised experts
* Informal atmosphere
* No entry requirements
* Written work optional
* Enthusiasm essential!

Most indoor meetings will be held at the Great North Museum: Hancock. The courses will be 10 meetings in length, unless otherwise stated. Indoor meetings will last 2 hours.

Among the courses on offer is Bewick in context with Dr Peter Quinn, Thursdays from 8th October, 2pm.

For more information and the sign-up form click here to go to the website of The Natural History Society of Northumbria.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Aesthetics of Avison

Originally uploaded by Bewick Society
Please note that the next in the Avison series of lectures will be as follows:

The Aesthetics of Avison
Ian Ground
Brunswick Methodist Church - 28/7/09 - 7pm

Avison Essay on Musical Expression has long been recognised a major and original contribution. This lecture will demonstrate the philosophical context of his ideas and relate his distinctive contribution to modern day developments in the philosophical task of understanding the nature of music.

About the Speaker
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Sunderland and author of books and papers in philosophical aesthetics

Friday, 10 July 2009

David Whetstone reviews "Tale-pieces" at the Laing Art Gallery.

"LET’S not kid ourselves about the olden days – the early 1800s, say. There wasn’t much on the telly, so you had to find your pleasures where you could. If that meant putting a baby in a cart tethered to a dog which had a cat tied in front of it, pointing the whole shebang in the direction of a river, providing some exuberant encouragement with a long stick and letting nature take its course, then so be it!"

From Thomas Bewick's unflinching view of life Jul 7 2009 By David Whetstone, The Journal.

Read the whole review on the Journal's website by clicking here.

The show is on until October 18th.