Friday, 12 February 2010

Thomas Bewick: The Blocks Revisited & Rediscovered

The Blocks Revisited & Rediscovered
documents the fascinating story of Thomas Bewick's personal blocks and their historic journey to Chicago in 1942. Many of these blocks found new homes quickly in the Midwest and across America, while others became well-travelled eventually making their way back to England. The whereabouts of these blocks and their movements over the years have raised questions and a desire to document them for their safe keeping. It is hoped this five year investigation will begin to provide answers, as over 700 of the 1,350 blocks that came to Chicago are documented here in 35 collections.
A numbered edition of ninety copies was bound by Campbell-Logan Bindery, Minneapolis, in a dark green cloth with contrasting green end papers. The spine was gold stamped and the front cover features an inset of a vignette printed from one of the Bewick's blocks at the press.
This information comes from the Oak Knoll Press website. Click here for more details and the opportunity to purchase the book.

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