Saturday, 27 March 2010

From the Newsletter

Members of the society will soon recieve a paper copy of the Spring Newsletter. Among the articles is this report on the recent conference Illustrating Fables – Bewick and Beyond
Friday 26 February 2010 – A Review by Peter Osborne

"This was an enjoyable day with a good attendance, well provided with tea, coffee and sandwiches as well as no less than six talks and a panel discussion. It was jointly chaired by David Gardner-Medwin for the Society and Matthew Grenby for the University. Brian Alderson’s broad introduction was followed by Peter Quinn’s entertaining and informative talk on Bewick’s early fables work. Graham Williams and Peter Osborne spoke about his Aesop, Professor Andrea Immel extolled the liveliness of fable texts and John Lord gave an interesting talk about his own fable illustrations.
The day significantly raised the profile of Bewick’s Fables, showing, for his admirers, his continued development as an expressive artist, and, for others, something of his thought and intensity as an artist. He emerged as a watershed in fables illustration, looking back in his use of several old motifs, but looking forward in his early realism, the entanglement of himself in his work, his sharp juxtaposition of fables with socio-political concerns, and his shift towards expressive style. His strong editorial control of Aesop was clearly shown.

After this event Bewick’s reputation stands higher, and especially his work on fables."

Forthcoming Bewick Society events include a lecture, an enthusiasms afternoon, a walk and birthday celebrations. All details are online here.

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