Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Bewick's Mambo

Bewick's Mambo is the title of a short film by Peter Snowdon of Gourna Films. Made over four nights in 2008, the action is set in the Lit and Phil library with Bewick's bust and his engravings playing a central role.

The film won a prize last year as "Best short fiction on an ecological theme, Malescorto International Short Film Festival, Italy, 2009."

You can read an account by the filmmaker on their website by clicking here.
You can watch the opening of the film here.
There is also a
behind-the-scenes photo gallery.
Bewick's Mambo, 2008, 9 minutes, Super 16/Digibeta, 1:185, Dolby SR.
A Gourna Films production in association with the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Written, produced and directed by Peter Snowdon.
Late one night, Adam and Eve are alone in the library, when suddenly, the plants and animals pictured in the books around them start to come alive…Starring Scali Delpeyrat, Lou Wenzel and James Harris.

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