Thursday, 27 January 2011

Bewick's Fox

Patrick Thomas talks to Outline Editions about his Bewick-inspired prints including Foxes and Hound (Inverted).

Photographs from Studio LaVista, Barcelona here.

"In all of these pieces I’m taking Bewick’s image and reinventing it, paying homage to it. The final image in the series is the big wood cutting. It’s the first wood cut I’ve done in about twenty years. I hand cut it into a bit of beech over the course of about ten days. I loved the idea of getting as close as possible to Bewick’s own experience of mark making."

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tom Lubbock 1957-2011

Tom Lubbock, artist, critic and writer died on 9th January 2011.
You can read his obituary  in the Guardian here.

The Independent has re-printed a number of his art reviews here.

"He wrote major catalogue essays on Goya and Ian Hamilton Finlay, and monographs on Thomas Bewick and Carol Rhodes. A collection of essays from his popular Independent series Great Works will be published this year, and there are three manuscripts of completed books: one on Bad Art, one on the English graphic tradition, and The Donkey's Head, on 17th-century painting. His friends also hope that the full-length version of When Words Failed Me will become a book soon." Kevin Jackson, the Guardian.

You can find Tom Lubbock's April 2009 review of the Ikon's Tale-pieces exhibition here.

Image: 'I Cross the World to Shake the Hand that made my Shirt' by Tom Lubbock

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Bewick's Legacy: Six Contemporary British Wood Engravers


Bewick's Legacy: Six Contemporary British Wood Engravers

An exhibition at the Washington Printmakers Gallery.

"British wood engraver Simon Brett exhibits his work and the prints of 5 other British wood engravers: Neil Bousfield, Harry Brockway, Peter Lawrence, Hilary Paynter, and Sue Scullard. Books of engravings curated by Simon Brett and Hilary Paynter will also be on view. Exhibition runs January 4-30, 2011. "

 More images and details here.
Washington Printmakers Gallery is a cooperative print gallery located just outside of Washington, DC in Silver Spring, MD. Founded in 1985, the Gallery is the area's primary source for contemporary artist-pulled fine art print.
Find them on Facebook here.

Image: "Tynemouth Priory" by Hilary Paynter, Wood Engraving, 7.75x9.75 in, 2003.