Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tom Lubbock 1957-2011

Tom Lubbock, artist, critic and writer died on 9th January 2011.
You can read his obituary  in the Guardian here.

The Independent has re-printed a number of his art reviews here.

"He wrote major catalogue essays on Goya and Ian Hamilton Finlay, and monographs on Thomas Bewick and Carol Rhodes. A collection of essays from his popular Independent series Great Works will be published this year, and there are three manuscripts of completed books: one on Bad Art, one on the English graphic tradition, and The Donkey's Head, on 17th-century painting. His friends also hope that the full-length version of When Words Failed Me will become a book soon." Kevin Jackson, the Guardian.

You can find Tom Lubbock's April 2009 review of the Ikon's Tale-pieces exhibition here.

Image: 'I Cross the World to Shake the Hand that made my Shirt' by Tom Lubbock

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