Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Bewick Revolution

Uglow on Tattersfield by Bewick Society
Uglow on Tattersfield, a photo by Bewick Society on Flickr.
Jenny Uglow on Nigel Tattersfield's "Thomas Bewick: the Complete Illustrative Work":

"The workshop slowly declined, but Bewick's fame endured, and these superb volumes are a fine memorial to his business and his craft, and to the work of all those who toiled alongside him."

The Times Literary Supplement, July 22 2011 No.5651, p.11.

See also the Then and Now feature on p.16 which looks back to a review by Hanns A. Hammelmann of three books on Thomas Bewick. From January 1954 Hammelmann writes of Bewick the "Master Craftsman".

"Then and Now" can be read in full here on the TLS website.

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