Friday, 5 August 2011


Every year the Bewick Society meets at Cherryburn to honour the birthday of our distinguished figurehead. Bewick maintained that he was born on Lammas Day, the 12th of August, so this year we are only two days late with our celebrations.
We will be continuing our 'after lunch conversation' format with a series of short discussions. This is an excellent opportunity to meet the experts of the Bewick Society, show them your collection and maybe join in the after lunch conversations. There is usually a very tasty Birthday Cake!
Date and time: Sunday 14 August from 1-4pm. Northumbrian music at 1pm. Followed by light afternoon conversation 2-4pm.
Venue: Cherryburn, Station Road, Mickley Square, near Stocksfield, Northumberland NE43 7DD.
Admission: Admission charges apply. National Trust and Bewick Society members free on production of a valid membership card.

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