Monday, 12 September 2011

Thomas Bewick Contemporary Artist

From a review of Tale-pieces in the Vancouver Sun newspaper:
"But more than that are the ideas and scenes he's depicting. They show a curious, ironic and observant mind at work. They collapse the two centuries between then and now. Creating an exhibition with Bewick's engravings to redefine contemporary was very much on the mind of Nigel Prince, who took over as the CAG's executive director in January.
"I think it's important curatorially to question what is the meaning of contemporary art. Does contemporary art mean something made yesterday? Does contemporary have more to do with ideas and issues and the propositions in an artist's work? Those are issues are evident in the images, which are relevant to concerns today.""
Centuries-old engravings still cut deep, Works depict human cruelty and injustice.. By Kevin Griffin, Vancouver Sun September 10, 2011
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