Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bewick in Southern Illinois

The Special Collections Research Center at Morris Library, Southern Illinois University Carbondale has recently acquired a portfolio of Bewick engravings oublished in 1970 by the Cherryburn press.
You can read about the edition and its display on the Center's blog "Raiders of the Lost Archives" here.

"The Cherryburn Press edition of Bewick prints recently acquired by SCRC contains a selection of 100 Bewick wood engravings, printed from the original blocks in 1970. Although Bewick carved the blocks in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, this edition shows even and detailed impressions, demonstrating the longevity of engravings on end grain wood. By contrast, traditional woodcuts tend to warp and lose detail over time. The blocks used for this edition are housed in the Newberry Library in Chicago."

 Two prints from the portfolio are currently on display in the Morris Library as part of the exhibit “Bringing Light Out of Darkness: A History of Woodblock Printing.”

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Fiona Houston at Cherryburn

You can read an account of Fiona Houston's recent visit to Cherryburn on the Saraband blog.
Click here to read "History Everywhere".

"Cherryburn is situated in a beautiful, rolling part of Northumberland along the Tyne Valley. It would scarcely be possible to have visited on a lovelier spring day, with all the fresh greens of the new leaves clothing the hillsides, set off by blossoms and the hawthorn, with bluebells in the garden (which now even includes a croquet lawn!), and vistas of green to the north."

Photo: Fiona Houston at Cherryburn, with Tyne Valley view, Saraband.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Paul Scott's Gateshead

Soon to be unveiled is an artwork specially commissioned to celebrate Gateshead, its history and people.
 Read about the commission on the artist's blog here.

The Evening Times has had a sneek preview of the brick-based piece.

"Around 200 of various sizes fit into the box to give the viewer a snapshot of Gateshead.
From boating on Saltwell Park to rare breeds at Bill Quay Farm, and Thomas Bewick engravings to famous sons such as Joseph Swan and William Wailes.
Almost everything in the box comes from Gateshead, including pieces of coal, iron, glass and wood from a pit prop - and even a piece of rubble from the Get Carter Car Park and a souvenir plate from the 1990 National Garden Festival he bought on eBay.
Paul will launch the artwork at the Shipley in July.