Wednesday, 11 April 2012

BBRC Tattersfield review

RM Healey's review of Nigel Tattersfield's "The Complete Illustrative Work" appears on the website of the BBRC
" Nigel Tattersfield, whose three magnificent volumes are a monumental survey of Bewick’s full range of work, as artist, craftsman and commercial publisher, focuses his attention on the way in which Bewick’s success was largely due to his business instincts. While Donovan’s large-format and lavishly illustrated £15 ten-volume edition of hand-coloured plates sold slowly and made little money, Bewick knew that, at a time of war shortages and financial crises, a two-volume book costing a mere guinea (the equivalent of £1.05) was bound to do well. Not only was Bewick’s British Birds small enough to accompany the nature lover in the field, it was also likely to appeal to those who were more attracted by the artist’s commitment to the tradition of British woodblock printing, which he developed to a sublime degree."
Those of you without a copy may like to buy one through the link on the BBRC website.

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