Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bewick in Gateshead Review

Thanks to Alan Sykes on the Northerner Blog of the Guardian for his excellent piece on Bewick in Gateshead.
"In a much quieter way, he could be as acute and as eloquent a critic of human brutality as Goya. Many of his works touch on cruelty to children or animals, and, living through the Napoleonic wars, he was an early proponent of pacifism – as he put it
"I had reasoned myself into a detestation of war, its cruelty, its horrors, and the superlative wickedness of the authors of it… It is foreign to my purpose to enlarge upon this subject: I must leave that to others; and there is an abundant scope to dilate upon, and to depicture, the horrors of war in their true colours.""
Thanks also to "Zombus" and to Martin Wainwright in the comments section.
Although one wonders as to the identity of the "Berwick Society"? Thanks Gruaniad spell-checkers.

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