Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bewick Way

Gateshead names new route after Thomas Bewick.

"A new pedestrian route from Jackson Street into the heart of the new shopping development will be called Bewick Way in recognition of one of Gateshead’s 18th century cultural heroes, Thomas Bewick."
 see Familiar Names for New Town Centre

Council Leader Mick Henry says: “There has taken a lot of consulting and a lot of negotiating to ensure that our new town centre is something that we can be proud of. We wanted somewhere that matched our expectations and improved the existing shopping experience, and I’m confident we have done that.
“However, it is also important that we recognise something of what was here before and we have tried to do that in the names we have chosen for the development. The choice of Bewick, Trinity and Ellison for street names makes a direct connection with Gateshead’s heritage and ensures that this bold new development shows not only where Gateshead is going but also where we have come from.”

Thomas Bewick moved to Gateshead two hundred and one years ago in 1812. He lived there until his death in 1828. Bewick's earlier tail-piece (illustrated) featuring St. Edmund's Chapel bears the legend: " Vanitas, Vanitatum Omnia Vanitas."

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