Thursday, 23 May 2013

John Laws Scrapbook

Laws page 060 by Bewick Society
Laws page 060, a photo by Bewick Society on Flickr.
You can now see a full slideshow of images of the John Laws Scrapbook on Flickr. Click the image to view page 60.

The full set has 108 images featuring John Laws (1765 -1844) collection of Bewick workshop material.

The Scrapbook or Pattern Book is currently on loan to the Laing Art Gallery from the Angus family.
The Bewick Society has helped to conserve the book in honour of our late Treasurer Alan Angus (1920-2002).
Work on the book was completed recently by Tim Gradon Bookbinder.
A full description of the Scrapbook project and the life of John Laws will follow in a forthcoming Cherryburn Times.

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