Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bewick Prize

The winner of the Bewick Prize for 2013 is Rosamund Fowler for her print Tulip Vase (16x8cm illustrated).
The prize is awarded annually at the Society of Wood Engravers exhibition. Selection has now taken place. The 76th Annual Exhibition of the Society of Wood Engravers will run 12th September 2013 – 20th October 2013 at Art Jericho, 6 King Street, Oxford OX2 6DF

You can see more of Rosamund's work in wood engraving and illustration on her website

Born in Edinburgh in 1963 she grew up in the North East of England. She trained at Edinburgh College of Art and graduated in 1985 with a BA Hons in Illustration and Design. She worked for many years as a professional illustrator before trying her hand at wood engraving. The medium suits her delight in fine detail and she has become a regular exhibitor with the Society of Wood Engravers.

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