Thursday, 17 April 2014

Avison Society Play

News from the Avison Society
The Avison Society are presenting a new play about Charles Avison: 

  A play with live music about our very own eighteenth-century Newcastle composer Charles Avison, at St Mary’s Heritage Centre, Gateshead at 7.30 on 26 April.
1767 -  'Ninnyhammers!' fumes Charley (OR CHARLES) Avison
at the latest musical trends.
'Such trickery, such a pompous display of art!'
Alone in his attic study, the composer recalls personal triumphs
 and family sorrows - but above all, the loves and friendships
that make up his very own soul music.

Performed by Gordon Russell, Directed by Hugh Keegan, Script by Sue Saunders.
Also hear  ‘Quartet in A’ (Opus 3) by Michael Jon Smith (1941-2009) – another Newcastle composer – as performed by the Damiate Ensemble.
Tickets (£9)  at the door, or (to reserve) ring 0191 2814236
or click on this link

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