Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Art of Thomas Bewick by Diana Donald

Review in the New York Review of Books by Julian Bell.

"England’s Great Neglected Artist"

“We no longer nowadays salute ‘Nature’ with the unhesitating confidence invested in the concept by Audubon or by writers such as William Wordsworth, another of Bewick’s numerous admirers. And yet Diana Donald’s impressive recent study, The Art of Thomas Bewick, demonstrates the surprising resilience of the American visitor’s assessment. At the end of her scrupulous inquiry into the political, religious, and cultural circumstances in which Bewick’s work was undertaken, the Northumbrian natural historian still stands, however we interpret him, as an innovator rather than an imitator, and as an artist who worked, as much as any artist can, from freshly won experience rather than by cleaving to cultural precedent.”—New York Review of Books

You can find the review online here.
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