Saturday, 6 August 2016

Walk to Cherryburn

Last  year’s  experimental  long  walk  to Cherryburn was a great success. This year there will be an opportunity to join in the fun along the way as we have three starting points and times.

Depart Gateshead 10am
Meet    outside    the    site    of    Thomas Bewick’s  last  home,  the  old  Gateshead Post  Office  on  West  Street.  Today  it  is the  Workplace  Gallery,  19-21  West  St, Gateshead NE8 1AD.

Sturdy footwear, water bottles and a sense of adventure required. The walk to Cherryburn from here is 12 miles following, in the main,riverside paths.

It’s a long and tiring day but well worth the effort.

Depart the  the Keelman Pub, Newburn, 1pm
The walkers from Gateshead will have stopped here for lunch. Join the group or set out on your own. The walk to Cherryburn from here is roughly 7 miles. En route, you will pass the Tidestone, near Heddon-on-the-Wall. (See Cherryburn Times Vol 6 No.7).

Depart George Stephenson’s Birthplace, Wylam NE41 8BP, 2pm
The walk from here to Cherryburn is around 4 miles.

Bewick in his Memoir writes:

“I regularly pursued my walks & while thus exercising, my mind was commonly engaged in considering upon plans about how I should conduct myself in life & forming resolutions on such as I approved of & of strictly acting upon them…..
I thought nothing of leaving Newcastle (occasionally) after I had done work (7 o clock) in a winters night & setg off to walk to Cherryburn – in this I was stimulated by an ardent desire to visit my parents as often as possible, & this desire continued to act upon me as long as they lived – In my solitary walks ( as before noticed) the first resolution I recollect of having made, was that of living within my income & another, of similar import, was that of never getting anything upon trust…”

Photos from last year's walk:click here to go to Flickr pages.

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