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Children Riding Gravestones, George Shaw & Thomas Bewick

  Children Riding Gravestones George Shaw & Thomas Bewick at LGLondon 11 September – 6 November 2021 PV Friday 10 September, 6-8pm Curated by Jonathan Watkins From the gallery website: ' This exhibition combines the work of two English artists, George Shaw and Thomas Bewick. The latter is a historical figure, working around the turn of the 19th century, renowned for his wood engravings, especially natural history illustrations of birds and other animals. Shaw on the other hand, emerged as an artist during the 1990s with a distinct figurative style, depicting everyday suburban scenes in modelling paint. Since then he has consistently produced paintings loaded with atmosphere, at once compelling and uneasy, often in the light of evening or an overcast sky. Roads and pavements shine with the reflections which come after rain. There are semi-detached houses, high-rise and low-rise estates, complete with pubs and community halls, playgrounds and the box-like buildings of comprehensi

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